Seow Italy 43-44 2nda versione

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Pernix ha scritto: Ciao Bigans.complimenti per la precisione,
ma anche le bombe FFF sul nostro CANT furono una ottima pensata..certo con stile tutto Italiano,naturalmente non chirurgiche, ma alla ..ndò coìo-coìo... :laugh: :laugh:

Tieni presente comunque che il maggior numero di FFF è stato utilizzato proprio dalla Luftwaffe che le ha tenute in considerazione maggiormente rispetto alla Regia per la quale erano state ideate.

Mai lasciar morire il fanciullo che è in noi
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Questa sera ho chiesto di attaccare con le Fritz, riusciremo a coprire 4 Do217?

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Bigans, Gross mi ha chiesto di avvertitri che Thor ha aumentato la di sponibilità di do 17 e ju 88 per noi... 10 e 10.
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Training for a Do 217 is harder than a SM.79, a bomb sight is involved and bomb guidance. But of course you just drop bombs when flying very low passes in the SM.79, an easy and simple method. As for lack of resources, a SM.79 costs less to produce than a Do 217. For what the plane is worth compared to its target, your bomber pilots have been more of a burden than a benefit. I can see in the MissionPlanner and in the statistics that the most of the Italian pilots have negative gross scores because of their lack of kills and continuous deaths. From the many attempts you have had in destroying ships, still none have been sunk successfully.

Probably you’re not practice in bombing, only these explain your unsense words. Flying a Do217 is better and simplier than a S.79; about Fritz and He293 is more simple that you could think, to hit target.
Engaging from very low with S.79 was the only chance we have, ‘cause it was almost impossible to see them from 5.000 meters. They we’re not on the road and they probably an appropriate camoufflage skin. We were also chased by enemies and fired by FLAK from ships, never see a so high rate of shot…
Yes, I know all our attempts, our failed take off (due by technical troubles and sometime human error) and for these I apologise. But I also know, how many right attempts we made and we we’re downed by flak or fighters. This means that we’re able to reach the target and trying to do our best. I think that nobody can judge with a cool statistic.
My guys referred me that they destroyed to ships, but no evidence in the stats. I believe in them. Why? Remember when I destroyed the factory in Foggia? You have not protested against Thor even if I show you pictures that give me reason. Probably also the plate was destroyed and you do not ask the victory points. So my ask is the following “Are you sure that you’re making the best you can?”. I don’t want to bore no one, remembering our results in SEOW Med 1 and 2, or in Kursk, but I’m sure that who read your words “your bomber pilots have been more of a burden than a benefit”, will consider these ones like bullshits.
Nice to know you died by flak, many people die by flak each mission, it would be really nice if your plane crashed into the flak afterwards.
As the same “…it would be really nice if your plane crashed into the flak afterwards”, because this is forbidden by the rules, that I think you don’t have understand.

JG77, 109, and 22GCT all specialise in dog fighting leaving JG51 with having to provide some effort at ground attack. ITA and SUP supposedly specialise in bombing (ships and buildings). It is nice to know we have good fighter pilots, but all these ground attack planes Axis has are useless without effective pilots.

And it does not help that Axis are outnumbered 2:5. You have great determination in trying to bomb ships and factories, but you would be more effective in that if you were on Allied side instead.

BINGO!!! Yes, when we flew with other planner (like Thor for example) in other campaigns we reached best results: this is why I know that we’re good enough bombers, more than you as planner!

In the progress made so far by trying to bomb their ships and factories, it has not proven to be a advantageous investment. If something continues to fail, why should it be continued when the next result is guaranteed to fail anyway. In the prior mission (13), you had been assigned SM.79 loaded with torpedoes to target ships. Instead you chose to fly the Do 217 that were AI meant to re-base after attempting to find a target. One of you stalled the plane on take-off and then in the end one plane returned.

Yes, we drove Do217 ‘cause we trained with these and Fritz. I ask you Do217 the 1st of Febraury check
you said ok “If someone wants to fly themselves then go ahead, it is not easy to control the guided bombs.”. So you placed your 13 briefing and give us S.79, while we were trained with Do217 and Fritz…no words anymore about this!
We lost one during take off, one while climbing (I knew one pilot were not well trained with Do217 with 2 FRITZ)…one (the AI) by FLAK of ships at 5.000 meters. Not “…in the end one plane returned”, I drove the only Do217K2 to land safe with only one engine working in L’Aquila.

I had in mind that maybe you would have better luck flying a plane that you would not crash on take-off with. A nice, slow, and durable wooden SM.79. I also hoped also that maybe you would get something destroyed or bring back the planes in one piece at the very least.

Good idea! So you preferred to leave in Pomezia AF _4*do217k1, 4*do217k2 and a Ju88A4 check

Targets of opportunity were the ones moving from the beach landing to Roma and Frosinone, if the risks were high and you knew you would die then why did you proceed in attacking, you probably should not have done the attack run there.

Very simple to talk after the mission…at least we try to make the possible with S.79 against little targets. While you leave all these bombers in Pomezia with a Red 20mm 1,5 km NW from the AF and a ? (probably a Red Howitzer) at 3km NW from the AF…I wrote move the bombers!!!
Another time Red could down our Bombers on the ground, like they have done in Frosinone in 14 mission and Thor fooled us with San Valentine post.

Each mission is a suicide mission for you, compared to DCS multiplayer, your pilots also show no value in their plane/life and go all out to kill.

We don’t like this kind of missions, but if we have a bad plan, this is the only result we can achieve. 2 times I died to trying to save bomber and landing in our AF, I’m not fun to die every time, but I can’t continue to fly in this way.
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"3 trains were sent into the area, the trains engaged these ground units and the tracers could be seen their engagement for some time. Not to mention all of the smoke."

Probably you continue to not understand how last mission has gone: they down us before we can see any kind of target, smoke and so on...STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS ONE.

"Attack was maden when factory was nautral"

Wrong, I send you the picture, the color was red and the factory was producing P-39! But you believe to other...STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS ONE.

"Is that what your mother told you?"

I will not fall on your provocation
:sick: Leave parents away! I was not offensive against you, so I don't want to be offended by you!

If I wrote that you're not a good planner/strategist is not offensive, is what I think about you (and many Others think the same), as you thought that I'm not a good pilot....

If ITAWING pilots were over 13 at the beginning of campaign and now at least 6, probably this means that they will not fun anymore...

"You are quoting my post from mission XII debrief. Mission XIII brief listed what planes you were to fly, and also stated in mission XIII is ....
Thanks for taking my words and changing them to work in your favor."

This is your misunderstanding. I wrote in Deb XII "So no Do217 with Fritz and He-293 available against ships?...Allied BB was in AO22 very close... ". This means that in next mission I want to fly Do217 with Fritx" but you planned SM.79 Sparviero from L'Aguila equiped with torpedos will target ships off the coast Frosinone coast" and we flew Do217. I don't need to use change your words...this was happenden, 'cause you don't understand me or you don't want understand me. This is the problem!!!

"What do planes parked on Pomezia have anything to do with your destruction over half of every planes I give you. There are plenty of Do-217 available now in 1944, I prioritized their production over other bombers due to past mission results."

You planned to leave them there, but if Ally put AA or Howitzer, nobody could save them. As the same Ju88 A17 in Guidonia, they are to close enemy line.

"Freighting bombers from one airfield to another is not an excuse to destroy your plane in an suicide effort. Fighters have more priority than bombers at being saved from advancing ground units. Fighters have dealt more damage to the Allies than bombers. Stop trying to justify your fruitless efforts, do you have the conscience of a lobotomite sponge?"

No one of us made a suicide action, nobody can prove this bullshit! Yes fighters made more damage then bombers, 'cause sometimes you planned unsense missions.

"lobotomite. someone who suffers from extreme lack of critical thought, either through organic causes, brain damage, or lack of neural exercise." by

No guy, this is your problem!

As you were very offensive. I don't want to loose anymore time discussing with you. Could not retrieve the functioning of your brain. I know that we will loose and thi is not a problem for us 'cause tha campaign was unbalanced from the beginning, not only for 2:5 ratio, but also for strange rules, that I don't want discuss here. I'm not so mad as you think, but many doesn't fun anymore. So this why we want to plan for us, so if we lost we'll know our limits.
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Picture no.1

Pescara EAST Factory was producing Commandos at the beginning of XVIII mission:

This is the screenshot of the video recorded you could see that 2 FRITZX (even if you see only a light, believe me they are two) one second before the impact very close to the factory

Reading the stats no evindece of the hit.

So my question is: how do you place the plate? Are you sure to have put the center of the plate in the factory, like this

Or you put the plate so:

This is the second time that happens (I totally destroyed Foggia factory, but no evicende in the stats, I show the picture proving that it was producing ...).

Don't complain if Blue pilots are decreasing.

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