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Installation Instructions for HSFX Version 6.0 released June, 2012

Whats in HSFX 6.0 ?

See this PDF file for the content in HSFX version 6.0 - 242sqn.com/Temporary/HSFX_6_Readme.pdf


The HSFX 6.0 install package is an all-in-one installer, that includes all the content from previous HSFX releases with version 6.0. NO other patches are required.

Recommended Installation

We recommend that you should make a copy of an existing IL-2 folder and it's sub-directories to install Version 6.0 into, in case you have any problems. If you do have problems, you need a good version to copy from, to start again.

Filenames and Size

The installer for HSFX History Mod Version 6.0 consists of the following files ;

You need to download each file and place them all in one folder together.

- HSFX_Version_6_0.EXE - 650 Mb.
- HSFX_Version_6_0.W02 - 650 Mb.
- HSFX_Version_6_0.W03 - 650 Mb.
- HSFX_Version_6_0.W04 - 41 Mb.
- Part2_Ver_6.EXE ..........- 650 Mb.
- Part2_Ver_6.W02..........- 650 Mb.
- Part2_Ver_6.W03..........- 604 Mb.
- Part3_Ver_6.EXE..........- 650 Mb.
- Part3_Ver_6.W02..........- 85 Mb.
............................. total - 4,630 Mb. (4.6 Gb.)

This is a three part install, due to the size limitations of the installer software used. The part2_Ver_6.EXE file is the second part, and
Part3_Ver_6.EXE the third, both are executed automatically by the HSFX_Version_6_0.EXE. To start the installation run HSFX_Version_6_0.EXE

This is a very large release, because it contains all Mod content from the very beginning of HSFX History Mod.

HashCal sums

- HSFX_Version_6_0.EXE - MD5 - 904dbeeb475a013cdb4c3515e0803e97 CRC32 - 5ee05644
- HSFX_Version_6_0.W02 - MD5 - e87eee6c583f60d80d2fa19f47f63063 CRC32 - 76a3b7a3
- HSFX_Version_6_0.W03 - MD5 - 4768cdff942f04d1e0c4fccd4a74aad3 CRC32 - b7fd10c5
- HSFX_Version_6_0.W04 - MD5 - bce99b3283af68279c7b17bf9dceadc5 CRC32 - e924c1b2
- Part2_Ver_6.EXE............ - MD5 - fc3e53e15630b31c45743be4246b57af CRC32 - e77948e0
- Part2_Ver_6.W02........... - MD5 - fb2722dbe3318325dd39d034c9813943 CRC32 - e73760c8
- Part2_Ver_6.W03........... - MD5 - 9c2857d95cc0113079079084f2343f21 CRC32 - b14b5d67
- Part3_Ver_6.EXE............- MD5 - a23b9afa922139379d061e830e550bcd CRC32 - 3c2f5d73
- Part3_Ver_6.W02............- MD5 - 785146b0ff4f8869d9f1460bb2f9fff0 CRC32 - 811e3cdf


The HSFX History Mod is available to downloads via Torrents, much faster than via File Transfer Protocol.

First you need to download uTorrent, which is the software for downloading via Torrents.

1. To get the Torrent Software

First, the beginners guide ; www.utorrent.com/documentation/beginners-guide/

Second to download uTorrent itself ; www.utorrent.com/downloads

follow the instructions, easy and fast.

2. Download HSFX Version 6.0. Use this torrent.

From the 102nd Squadron.
torrent: dl.dropbox.com/u/26976891/HSFX%20Version%206.0.torrent

Readme PDF : www.242sqn.com/Temporary/HistorySFX_6.pdf

md5 hash information for installation files :
Mission4today :

Torrent : www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Dow...file=details&id=1247

File download - www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Dow...file=details&id=1253

From JG 54.
File download -

En français
File download - www.derrierloisirs.fr/il2/bdd2012/hsfx60vip.html

Danger Dogz
File download - mercurialme.com/HSFX/

The files will be mirrored on several other sites. As those sites go on-line I will update this readme with each of the mirror sites.

Steps required to install HSFX History Mod Version 6.0

You must follow the sequence below.

Step 1 : Use the jsgme switcher, and disable all installed mods, including the HSFX Mod.

Step 2 : Ensure that version of IL-2 that you are updating with HSFX 6.0, has already been updated to IL-2 Version 4.11.1, the Team Daidalos
patch. If you have just installed the 4.11.1 patch run it at least once to be sure it is working.

4.11.1 Available here - forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=29039

Step 3 : Install HSFX version 6.0 Run HSFX_Version_6_0.EXE and answer the questions displayed by the installer, Ensure that when the installer asks for which folder to install Version 6.0 into, that you point it at the folder for the Il2 Sturmovik 46 directory you want to update.

IMPORTANT : For users with previous versions of The History Mod and any other Mod packages installed, the Version 6.0 Installer will delete the previous versions Files and all files, and rename the Mods folders (jsgmemods), as they must be updated to work with the IL-2 Team Daedalus 4.11.1 patch to function. If you want to keep these folders, you should rename them, or move them before running the Installer.

Step 4 : Use the jsgme switcher, and enable the HSFX History mod.

There is a detailed Read Me.doc with all the features included in Version 6.0 installed into your IL-2 Sturmovik root folder.

Any questions, problems should be posted in the IL-2 Mod Forum.

Patch 6.0.1

We have released a small Hotfix for HSFX History Mod Version 6.0, that's for BOTH Client and Dedicated Server versions to correct a number of small issues that slipped through testing and some last minute updates (See below).


You can download the patch (180 Mb.) ;

Via this Torrent Link - dl.dropbox.com/u/26976891/HSFX_Version_6_0_Patch_1.torrent


Via download link - mercurialme.biz/HSFX_Version_6_0_Patch_1.EXE

(courtesy of Danger Dogz)

Install Instructions:

i) Disable ALL of the jsgme switcher options (move to Left)

ii) Run the Installer.

iii) Make sure you point the installer at the il2 Root folder with HSFXv6.0 installed in it. (eg D:\Flightsims\il2 Sturmovik 46 )

iv) Enable HSFX and other preferred options with jsgme

v) Start the game, if you got the install path correct, the load screen will say v6.0.1 on the right.


ALL jsgme Option:-

A) Carrier takeoff 5.5 for HSFX 6.0 (Fireball)
look at il2 root folder \HSFX V6 Tools & Read me's \Carrier_Takeoff_5_5_README.txt for full explanation.

B) Fw 190 Canopies (Offline Only)
This retains Full Fw190 opening Canopy functionality and will work in both Stock and Expert mode, but for the moment it is moved to a switcher option because of a Server Console error that it triggers. Its great offline and may be Ok in Co-op format or with Client hosting, but not with a dedicated HSFX server currently.

C)Stock (Mod friendly) compatability mode
This adds back default actors.static files for stock maps (where they differ) to synchronise spawn points and runway altitudes with the stock game. (DD_Fruitbat and SAS_Storebror) Also a new code function added (SAS_Storebror) so that ai made flyable' s with Bombsites do not trigger an error on stock servers where the aircraft by default do not have Bombsite positions. It also drops the Expanded squadrons and nations temporarily and removes the possibility of players accidentally rendering themselves invisible by choosing a nation or formation that others don't have. (there is no advantage to this, invisible aircraft can do no damage but it can take a while for an invisible player to 'see' the error of their ways !.)

Corrections :-

i) Do17's Loadout error (cause online loading screen problem)

ii) I16 Type29 Loadout error ''

iii) Fw190 A8 Loadout error (Expert only) ''

iv) Axis Flak 30mm Winter version mat file error.

v) Fw200 cockpits.

vi) J7Ms Compressor problem

vii) Bf 109G1 incorrect engine reference (Stock)

viii) Bf 109 G1 Cockpit changed to pressurized variant.

ix) Me 210 & 410's CoG & ground handling corrections.

x) Fw190 Gear alterations .

xi) Server Console error.
A new FW190 Opening canopies option is now available as a JSGME switcher option (Offline only) and should work for all Fw190's whether using Stock or Expert mode. By default all canopies are closed and this seems to take care of the above error.

xii) Wespe & Priest load strings in Expert mode Artillery form.

xiii) Fw190 FM 'unification'.
Stock FW's now use stock FM in both modes and Aachen has revised the new ones so that they are consistent.

xiv) Corsair Supercharger correction.

xv) HMS Eagle correction (Asheshouse)

xvi) F9F Instrument and external canopy correction. (Fireball)

xvii) MBR & Li2 Top Turrret skin mapping code correction.

xviii) ZB/YE Hayrake functionality added for F9F, TBD, P2V, Seahurricanes, Seagladiator and Seafury.

xix) SM79 torpedo site view arc (mrz)

xx) Runway lights not showing with Effects Low

xxi) A couple of tweaks to 110 FM's.

xxii) Ju 52 FLoatplane water behavior corrected. (this required reverting some of it back to v5...so it takes off in a very short time.Its that or the catastrophic bounce at the moment I am afraid, the short takeoff currently is the better option.)

xxiii) Added missing Tropical filter Code for Hurricane IIa

xxiv) Revised 109 Tropical filter code so that it is consistent with that in 4.11. (E4-G6 should now have working filter on desert maps).

xxv) 3d error with HS129 Mk101 & 103

xxvi) Hurricane IIc loadout correction

xxvii) J2M's Gunsight

xxviii) Revised Overheat parameters for TBD & RR Griffin engines

xxix) Player flown 109's and a few other aircraft types 'bounced' rather than exploding when hitting the ground in Cockpit view. (those seeing other players doing this would also see the bounce from external.) nasty bug this one !.
Some new code introduced this problem so have gone through all cockpits systematically and removed it wherever present.
Needed to revert to a derivative of 'AHS' in the case of a few aircraft which the new code had replaced, if you pause the game and switch to externals with these the body of the aircraft will be transparent. Unpause the game and it will correct itself. Unfortunate, but it has no practical negative effect upon gameplay unlike the bounce.

xxix) Burma and Can_Channel (beta) revised by Cat

xxx) 109 expert FM 'tweaks' Aachen

xxxi) Lod 4 palmtree Fix (Ashe)

xxxii) 190 3d Cockpit correction and Revi mask update (Claymore)

xxxiii) ten010 & Birdmans D4Y Judy 3d updates.

xxxiv) Ar-234 Bombsight error

xxxv) 109E4 Trop & E7N Trop removed. With the properly working Trop filters correction above, they had just become duplicates.

xxxvi) Fw190 F2 Loadout altered to give Tropical filter when Tropical Loadout option is selected (this is different to usual to reflect use in Southern Russia).

xxxvii) Typhoon 3d model and Rocket rack update (SAS_Crazyflak & 101tfs)

xxxviii) Cant Bombsite correction (mrz)

xxxix) Yamato skin update (Diving Hawk)

Pilota CPL- ATPL(A) frozen EASA
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